Dunwoody Senior Baseball (DSB) provides a high quality, organized opportunity to play baseball for middle school age players and up in the Dunwoody, Georgia area.


Middle School Baseball League 2020

Individual Players Register Here x (For players who want to play for the DSB team rather than with with a school affiliated team)

DSB Middle School League Established 2000The 2020 season will be the 21st Middle School League (MSL) and our 2nd full season in the new facilities at the Brook Run Park Baseball Fields (adjacent to Brook Run Park and next to Peachtree Charter Middle School (PCMS)). In 2000, we started the MSL with six teams (Dunwoody, Holy Innocents', St. Pius X Blue, St. Pius X White, Wesleyan and Woodward). The league has grown to about 40 teams each year, across four different playing divisions.

Important aspects of this year's season:

  • New Fields. The Brook Run Park Baseball Fields have two new artificial turf fields with state of the art LED lighting. The East Field (EF) is 315' down the line and 355' and the West Field (WF) is 300' down the line and 315' to center. Both fields are be configurable to 54'x80' and 60'x90' play. Dugouts are concrete block, there is a great new concession stand and much improved restrooms including a family restroom. There are 4 batting cages and off-the-field bullpens.
  • Field Rules. The City of Dunwoody paid over $6.3 million to build the Brook Run Park Ballfields and we have new rules to help us preserve this great venue. Metal cleats, sunflower seeds, shelled peanut, and gum are are all banned from the facility - both on the field and in the spectator area. Violators of these rules maybe ejected from the park.
  • Facilities. In addition to the Brook Run Park Baseball Fields, we will use Field 5 at the Morgan Falls Park (AKA Sandy Springs Youth Sports (SSYS)), the large field at NYO, and two fields at Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA) for practices and games. We will also be playing at various school fields including Pace Academy, Davis Academy, Sutton Middle School, Decatur High School, Wesleyan School, St. Pius X Catholic High School, and others.  
  • Divisional Play. We will schedule games according to skill level. We expect to have 4 divisions of play, as we have had for most years. We will again play a few interleague games with Middle School League teams from Druid Hills and Central DeKalb. The A bracket is our highest level of play and plays 60x90. All others (B, C & D) are 54x80.
  • Practices. DSB and SSYS will make its fields available for practices prior to and during the season. Schools that have the space, typically practice at their own facilites, and those that do not practice at DSB, Morgan Falls, and MJCCA. 
  • Rules. We use GHSA rules except in a couple of areas. Some of the rules that are different from GHSA are field size, bat sizes (new this year, depend on bracket), 10 players in the batting order and free defensive substitution. Please consult the DSB Playing Rules for complete playing rules. We will have a MANDATORY coaches meeting prior to the season to review league rules. 
  • Player Eligibility. This is not a travel league in which the teams are free to recruit any player they choose. Player eligibility rules are:
    • Public Schools. Players must attend the school or live in the boundaries of the high school to which it feeds. 
    • Private Schools. Players must attend the school or if they are 8th graders must have an application on file with the school.
    • Private Schools as Part of a Church. If the school is part of a church (e.g. St. Jude), children of registered members of the church are also eligible for the team.
    • Free Agents. Any player who tries out for their school team and does not make the team is eligible for any other team. Click here to register online.  
    • Exceptions. Any exceptions to these rules must be approved in advance by DSB.
  • Schedule. Each team plays 12 games followed by playoffs where teams are divided into brackets. Game times are 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM on weekdays, throughout the day on Saturday, and during the afternoon on Sunday. Games are limited to no new inning starting after 2 hours. No games are played during a school’s spring break.
  • DSB Park Team(s). DSB will form one or more teams from players who do not make their school teams or who attend schools that do not participate in the league. These teams will be coached by DSB volunteers. All players who tryout for a DSB Park Team will be assigned to a team. There will be a cost of $300/player. We are requesting that all teams finish selection of their teams by January 31, 2020 so players who do not make a school team can sign-up for the DSB Park Team(s). Note: DSB offers a Spring League with two divisions of play (13-15 & 15-18) after the MSL season ends. Players can signup to play individually or whole teams can enter the league.
  • Awards. T-Shirts are awarded to the top 2-3 teams in each tournament bracket.
  • Cost. $2,600 per team, which includes lights, insurance, balls, umpires and scheduling. We will also open our concession stand. DSB will loan batting helmets and catcher's equipment as needed.
  • Expression of Interest (Mandatory). We expect to have even more teams than last year.  If you are interested entering a team in the league, please send an e-mail to John Crawford at  .

Key Dates:



TueJan 07 (7:00 pm)

Mandatory coaches meeting at the field house at the Brook Run Park Baseball Fields. Practice times will be assigned. 

Mon Jan 27-Sun Feb 16

DSB, MJCCA, SSYS fields available for practice on a scheduled basis.

Sat Feb 8 (2-4 pm); 
Sun Feb 9 (2-4 pm)

Evaluations for DSB Park Teams(s), first practice.

Tue Feb 18-Sun Apr 12

Regular season games.

Sat Apr 4-Sun Apr 12

Public & Catholic (except Marist) spring break. No games scheduled for schools on break.

Mon Apr 13-Fri Apr 24

Single Elimination Playoffs. Brackets with 6 or more teams will have a 3rd place game.

Key Contacts:

Name Position Phone Email
Jerry Weiner DSB President 404-701-1841
John Crawford DSB COO & MSL Director 678-358-5377

Past Champions and Runners-Up

Year Division Champion Runner-Up
2020 A Marist n/a
2020 B Greater Atlanta Christian Black n/a
2020 C1 Bananas n/a
2020 C2 Davis Academy/Galloway/St. Martin's n/a
2020 D Atlanta Classical/St. Jude n/a
2019 A Woodward Red Blessed Trinity
2019 B1 Sandy Springs Orange Chamblee Bulls
2019 B2 St. Martin's NYO Reds
2019 C1 Smyrna Lions
2019 C2 Dunwoody White Chamblee Dogs
2019 D Chapel Hill B Chamblee Hounds
2018 A Marist Dunwoody Red
2018 B1 Ridgeview Sandy Springs Orange
2018 B2 Dunwoody Blue Pace
2018 C Lions Galloway
2018 D Sandy Springs Blue Chamblee Dogs
2017 A1 Wesleyan Marist
2017 A2 Dunwoody Red St. Pius X White
2017 B Lakeside Gold Mt. Vernon A
2017 C1 Lions St. Martin's
2017 C2 Galloway Dunwoody White
2017 D St. Jude Chamblee Dogs
2016 A Dunwoody Red Marist
2016 B1 Blessed Trinity Johnson Ferry Christian
2016 B2 Ridgeview Davis
2016 C St. Martin's Galloway
2016 D1 Mt. Vernon B Lakeside Purple
2016 D2 Chamblee Dogs Epstein B
2015 A Blessed Trinity Woodward Red
2015 B1 Pace Chamblee
2015 B2 Ridgeview Johnson Ferry Christian
2015 C Greater Atlanta Christian Wildcats
2015 D Chamblee Dogs Galloway
2014 A Dunwoody Red Marist
2014 B Whitefield Davis
2014 C Woodward Black St. Jude
2014 D DSB Dodgers Whitefield 2
2013 A Dunwoody Red Marist
2013 B Whitefield Ridgeview
2013 C Lions Sandy Springs
2013 D St. Martin's Epstein
2012 A Wesleyan Woodward Red
2012 B Woodward Black Sutton
2012 C St. Pius X Gold Sandy Springs
2012 D Galloway Paideia Royal
2011 A Wesleyan Dunwoody Red
2011 B1 Whitefield Paideia Black
2011 B2 Wildcats  
2011 C Davis Epstein
2011 D Galloway Paideia Royal
2010 A Marist Wildcats
2010 B1 GACS Chamblee Bulls
2010 B2 Lions Pace
2010 C Paideia Black Dunwoody Blue
2010 D St. Martin's Davis
2009 A St. Pius X White  
2009 B    
2009 C    
2009 D    
2008 A Woodward Red  
2008 B Woodward Black  
2008 C Sandy Springs  
2008 D Atlanta Academy  
2007 A Marist Woodward Red
2007 B Dunwoody Red Holy Innocents'
2007 C St. Jude Mt. Vernon
2007 D Pace Greenfield Hebrew
2006 AB Wesleyan St. Pius X White
2006 C Holy Innocents' Pace
2006 D Mt. Vernon North Springs
2005 A Woodward Wesleyan
2005 B    
2004 A Wesleyan Woodward
2004 B    
2003 A St. Pius X White Wesleyan
2003 B    
2002 A    
2002 B    
2001 A St. Pius X White  
2000 A St. Pius X Blue Woodward