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by posted 10/05/2022

Although I'm confident this is not originating from the Cardinals, DSB has asked all coaches to share the following note to all teams, players, and parents.


"Unfortunately, we’ve had several reports from umpires about unsportsmanlike player and parent behavior recently.  Coaches, players and parents all need to remember that we are playing for the grand prize of $12 t-shirts.  Here are the guidelines we need you as coaches to enforce:

  1. Players should respect their teammates, opposing players, umpires and crowd.

  2. Players can ‘chatter’ a little but ‘trash talking’ is prohibited, and the league has zero tolerance for it.  Players are allowed to cheer and support their teammates as much as they want, but anything directed at the opposing team is prohibited. Umpires have the ability to decide if any players’ behavior crosses that line.   They will warn the bench and coach when they hear it; second offenses could lead to ejections of players on the bench.

  3. Parents should respect umpires too.  We had an unfortunate incident recently where a parent verbally accosted an ump in the parking lot and said some ugly things that I won’t elaborate on here.  This is unacceptable."



Hope everyone has a great fall break and will look forward to Monday night's game at 8:00.   We will arrive at 7:15 for warmups.



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